R&D Division

The R&D Division is responsible for tasks from product development to pesticide registration.
Development Section: Develops new products, performs internal evaluation tests, performs official tests for registering

pesticides and provides technical support to sales departments.
Agrochemical Product & Analytical Section:
Develops agrochemical products and analyzes including quality control.
Regulatory & Registration Affairs Section:
Applies for registration of pesticides and controls their registration status, and prepares and controls SDS.

Facilities Administration Section:

Site area: Approximately 10,000m2

Main facilities:

Research building, 7 greenhouses, turf for testing (bentgrass and Zoysia matrella) and test farm fields.

External farm fields:

Upland field, 4 sites, 13,000m2
Turf, 1 site, 2,000m2
Non-agricultural field, 2 sites, 6,000m2